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Rietveld’s Masterpiece; Long live De Stijl!
Centraal Museum, Utrecht - 4 March - 11 June 2017
The Centraal Museum and Gerrit Rietveld have always been closely connected, and these ties will be strengthened further in 2017. The Centraal Museum has the largest collection of Rietveld works in the world, including the famous Zig Zag Chair and the Red Blue Chair.
The exhibition ‘Rietveld’s Masterpiece; Long live De Stijl!’ will feature many early works by Gerrit Rietveld as well as works by kindred spirits including Bart van der Leck, Theo van Doesburg and Willem van Leusden. Discover who and what inspired Rietveld in his quest for liberation and what ultimately resulted in the Rietveld Schröderhuis, the international De Stijl masterpiece.
The exhibition Rietveld’s Masterpiece: Long live De Stijl! culminates in the Studio. Here, artist David Bade invites visitors to help build a new Rietveld Schröder House. Bade sees the Rietveld Schröder House as a ‘labour of love’: the result of a remarkable collaboration and love relationship. That’s why he puts the question to every visitor: ‘What is your labour of love?’ In other words, did you ever perform a labour of love for another person, or for whom would you like to do so? And with what labour of love were you ever presented, or would you like to be presented? ‘Labour of love’ can be interpreted either literally or metaphorically.
Visitors can write or draw their response to the question. These reactions then serve as inspiration for David Bade to create his work of art. As a result, a steadily growing version of the Rietveld Schröder House will take shape inside the Studio; a new work of art that will be incorporated into Centraal Museum’s collection. The Studio is supervised by graduates from IBB (Instituto Buena Bista, Curaçao) and by art students from Utrecht. David Bade will visit the Studio regularly to work on his art piece and to interact with visitors.
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