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Sheen Levels: Matte vs Gloss Timber Flooring

Sheen Levels: Matte vs Gloss Timber Flooring
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Sometimes there’s just nothing is better than timber flooring when it comes to the look and finish of your home.

High quality, durability and with an aesthetically pleasing appeal, hardwood adds both class and character.

However, many people find it hard to decide the type of hardwood style and finish that will be most suitable to their needs.

When it comes to selecting the right wood for your flooring, one of the first choices that needs to be made is the level of gloss and sheen. Deciding whether to use matte or gloss timber flooring can greatly affect the appearance of your rooms.

Both matte and gloss options have their pros and cons, and there are number of things you should consider when choosing your timbre.

Sheen level

Sheen intensity is generated by the reflection on the finishing of hardwood flooring. Different kinds of hardwood produce varying sheen levels.

Levels of sheen also differ between manufacturers depending on the application procedures they employ when applying finishes to the wood.

Sheen levels are widely varied in wood, but the most basic distinction is either a matte or gloss finish.

Matte timber flooring

Matte finishes are sleek and stylish and have vastly grown in popularity in recent years.

Matte timber flooring has a sheen level of between 10-25% gloss and acts as an inconspicuous backdrop to your home decor.

Matte finishes look great when paired with muted tones, and brief splashes of colour.

In addition to looking modern and chic, matte floors also help to mask dust build-up and footprints, making them great for children’s rooms and high-traffic passages.

Many homeowners choose matte finishes as they require less maintenance and don’t show scratches or marks as much as highly glossed floors.

If you are a fan of the casually sophisticated look of Scandinavian style flooring, popular in Europe and widely imitated in Australia, installing matte timber flooring in your home is a great way to achieve this look.

Gloss timber flooring

Gloss timber flooring gives a timeless and elegant look to your hardwood floors.

While they require slightly more maintenance, gloss floors are a great way to bring light into the home as they reflect far more than matte finishes.

Gloss floors are great paired with vintage and art-deco furniture, and bursts of white for a high-class finish in your living areas.

While gloss timber floors do show more marks than matte timber floors, selecting a semi-gloss finish can be a good alternative if you prefer the aesthetics of a higher reflective coating.

Choosing a high-gloss finish might be more suitable for homes without small children, pets or environments where damage is more likely to occur.

It is true that gloss floors might be a less convenient option in some ways, but they do provide a very attractive finish which is still very popular amongst homeowners.

Matte vs Gloss timber floors

Whether you choose matte or gloss timbre for your flooring, adding hardwood to your home will greatly enhance the style and comfort of your living areas.

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