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Table, River Usk, Rodney Parade, Newport 11 November 2017

Table, River Usk, Rodney Parade, Newport 11 November 2017
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A reminder to ground floor flat owners along Rodney Parade not to leave furniture on their balconies. A little further down there was a plastic garden chair in the mud.
Date: 2017-11-14 01:28:57

Table Mud River Usk Newport

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Lovely buy a flat with a view of rubbish in a brown river
Radiotech220 2017-11-14 01:43:53
[] Especially when some of the rubbish is your property!
Cold War Warrior 2017-11-14 01:46:11
At least they have not got to walk far to throw their take away food rubbish away oops over the balcony it goes
Radiotech220 2017-11-14 01:48:00
About a year ago near here I saw a boat with people fishing on it to not far from here just up the river a few yards up
Radiotech220 2017-11-14 01:53:18
[] What were they fishing for - trolleys or bikes?
Cold War Warrior 2017-11-14 01:56:45
Lol they had poles and lines and had all the fishing gear, Wonder what they caught.
Radiotech220 2017-11-14 01:57:54

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